Nikos and Maria’s wedding

One of the most beautiful things about being invited to your friend’s wedding as the wedding photographer is that you get to live the entire day very close to the couple, living every moment with them. This August I traveled to Ptolemaida, an industrial city in mainland Greece, where I […]

Shame on you Kalymnos!

Kalymnos may be an island known for rock climbing and scuba diving, but it’s also great for hiking! During my short stay on the island I managed to hike a few of the paths, but there are still many more to discover. On the day I was trying to find […]

Kalymnos: rock, sponge, sea

Summer holidays are about discovery, exploration, fun and relaxation! I found all that in the Dodecanese. The island of Kalymnos was put on the map thanks to the long tradition of sponge diving and more recently, rock climbing. In fact, the reason the island first attracted attention on an international […]

Surprising Underwater Fashion Photos

Beautiful underwater fashion photos with a prop that will surprise you. At one time or another, you must have come across beautiful underwater photos of ethereal models, their long dresses flowing with the sea current. Take a look at the photos below. They were taken this summer in the Cyclades, […]