IVSA Conference – Évry, France

International Visual Sociology Association Conference
University of Paris-Saclay – University of Evry, Evry, France

In June 2018, I had the pleasure to present a paper I worked on with Cultural Manager Violetta Tsitsiliani:
“Suitcases: A comment on voluntary travel vs necessary dislocation”.

Photographs I had taken of different types of travelers (tourists, marine workers, migrants and refugees) in Greek ports were used as a means to examine the semiotics of suitcases. These ports constitute a common space that holds a different meaning for each user, although the use is the same for all: travel. The essential difference lies in that of choice or need to travel through this port.

“One advantage of photography is that it’s visual and can transcend language.”

Lisa Kristine







Photos by Nigel Brunsdon

More information on the IVSA: https://visualsociology.org/

Humans for Change Live @ Impact Hub Istanbul

On January 26th, I joined seven other young changemakers at the Impact Hub in Istanbul for the Humans for Change Summit. The aim of the Summit was to share personal stories about how each of us initiates and creates social change in their local community and to engage the attendees in workshops that will help them develop their own ideas locally.

Below is the live video of the changemaker stories. Each story is very unique and inspiring, but if you’re curious to hear what I had to say about how photography can contribute to social change, go to 31:30′. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it and that you were even a tiny bit inspired to contribute to your local community as well.