Katerina & Stathis: Urban Wedding

Katerina and Stathis are a beautiful, harmonious couple who decided to tie the knot at the Athens City Hall, on a beautiful September morning, followed by a lunch reception at a nearby restaurant.

After a morning hair and make-up session with the bride at the couple’s home, I was shown the groom’s family house where he was getting dressed in the meantime. I was surprised to see that their families’ homes -and now their own home as well- were only a block away from each other. It turns out that as children they had grown up in the same neighbourhood, but didn’t actually meet until they had both finished school! I guess one way or another these twin souls were bound to cross each other’s path. 🙂

It didn’t take Stathis much time to get dressed and ready, so soon we were off to pick up the bride! Hugs, kisses, some happy tears and lots of wishes from the neighbours, and we’re headed downtown!

Thankfully the couple had arranged for a reserved parking spot a short walk from the City Hall, otherwise we would have been circling around the city centre for hours! It was just beautiful to see Katerina and Stathis all dressed-up and walking through the busy streets of downtown Athens on a Saturday morning!

It was a simple yet classy ceremony and reception with their families and loved ones, planned with love and care and great attention to detail. I’ll let you see for yourself!